About Us

Our specialty is the removal of the factory orange peel effect to get your vehicle looking its best with that “mirror image finish” that we all desire.That’s just the exterior! We provide complete cleaning of all vinyl and plastics, as well as carpet shampooing and removal if necessary.

With a reputation of 30+ years, owner Rodney Bowser, has many loyal customers that have grown tremendously in number and followed him over the years. When you bring your vehicle to Independent Detail you can expect consistency, pride, and a passion for detail every time.

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All detailing has been done on site by Independent Detail, we are a high end detail shop in southwest Bakersfield that specializes in showroom quality detailing of cars, trucks, boats, buses, horse trailers and anything else you want cleaned perfectly, a perfectly detailed vehicle is the perfect gift for any occasion!

We also apply scotch guard and leather treatments when needed. We handle every vehicle with pride as if it were our own!

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